Fija Callaghan

Fija Callaghan

If you look hard enough, stories are everywhere.

In the bouquet of flowers sticking out of the rubbish bin. In a vintage pearl necklace, its threading worn down with time. In a bar of dark chocolate made from cocoa beans that travelled on a ship from Madagascar to Amsterdam. My job is to take the knowledge and ideas you want to share with your clients and help it become a story.

It’s my love for storytelling and passion for knowledge that’s brought me to develop an expertise in numerous industries including fine food, luxury jewellery, perfumery, fashion, lifestyle, home decor, and contemporary literature. I am an experienced researcher and can write informatively and approachably about any number of topics. Let’s discuss how I can help bring out the best in your project.


“Fija Callaghan is one of the most consistent writers I have had the pleasure of working with. Her attention to detail and ability to match tone ensured that each article she created maintained the same high level of competence, vocabulary, depth, and knowledgeable voice. Fija has the unique ability to translate complex, verbose concepts into easily digestible prose that appeals to readers and imparts knowledge of the subject matter. Rather than simply convey information about the topic, Fija translated the content into captivating stories that required very little refinement once they reached the editing stage. I would readily welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

Expertise Prior areas of expertise include the fine food industry, flavour profiling and recipe development, contemporary lifestyle and fashion, in-depth knowledge of jewellery and gemology, and seasonal approaches to bringing comfort and beauty into day-to-day life.

Skills Content outlines, search engine optimization, developmental editing, proofreading, social media marketing, copywriting, marketing through storytelling narrative.

Location International